There is nothing more useful and interesting than a bathroom vanity as the place to store your bathroom stuffs. Bathroom vanity is intended for those who have many bathroom stuffs and want to keep it well arranged in the bathroom. Nevertheless, if you only have few bathroom stuff or toiletries, it does not mean you do not need this kind of furniture in your bathroom.

small bathroom vanity cabinet

You may not want to see your stuffs in mess, right? Beyond this function, you can also use a vanity to decorate your bathroom. The choices of designs and colors allow you to think which one is best to be placed in your bathroom. Don’t forget to consider the size too! If you do not like to store many things in your bathroom, it will be better for you to have the small bathroom vanity.

small bathroom vanity design

The small bathroom vanity is also recommended for small bathroom. It can surely save the space. Since it is small, this vanity is very cute! The small vanity with door is just like a box. This box vanity may only consist of one to two spaces inside. This kind of vanity can be also placed on the wall. There is also a small vanity with only one drawer and legs. It is like a small corner table commonly placed in the living room. The small vanity can be also found in slender shape. Small vanities for bathroom are just so adorable! Its small size can even impress you to stop by and take a look!