For many people, performance is so important. You may need to check their dress and make up in order to keep your performance stand well. Here, the most important thing you should have is a mirror for sure! This thing should also be provided in your home. People commonly place a mirror in their bedroom and bathroom. Mirror in the bathroom is commonly placed above the bathroom vanity.

bathroom mirror ideas photos

If you like to decorate your bathroom, you can use the mirror as one of the bathroom decorations. Now mirror cannot only be used for dressing up and making up, but it can also make your bathroom looks more beautiful, even wonderful! You can look at some bathroom mirror ideas and see how it can make you impressed.The bathroom mirror ideas allow you to have the most wonderful bathroom performance with only simple and modest design of the mirror.

bathroom mirror ideas on wall

You can choose among several shapes such as square, oval, round, and the other shapes. As it is also used as decoration for bathroom, you can place more than one mirror. You can try to place four oval shaped mirrors in the different sizes. Or you can have a mirror with beautiful frame. It will be more beautiful! If you like simplicity, you can choose a square shaped mirror with no frame. Do not be worried about its performance. You can make it becomes more beautiful by adding some glasses ornament around the mirror. Don’t forget to add some lamps next to the mirror too; it makes the mirror looks wonderful at night!